Polvo Series

  • Complete OBM Package
  • Free Flowing Readily dispersible powders
  • No drum heaters and hot boxes, works at extremely low temperatures
  • Added saving by eliminating Drum handling costs
  • Better emulsion stability as no mutual solvents
  • Compatible with all types of non-aqueous drilling fluid systems
  • Suitable over wide range of Mud weights and Oil Water Ratios
  • Enhances system rheology
  • Reduces Dosage of Organophilic Clays
  • Effective over wide range of Bottom Hole Temperatures
  • May Require Reduced Dosage
Brand Name Generic Name Primary Function
POLVO MUL Ai1 All in one powdered Emulsifier Emulsifier
POLVO MUL P Powdered Primary Emulsifier Primary Emulsifier
POLVO MUL S Powdered Secondary Emulsifier Secondary Emulsifier
POLVO MOD Powdered Rheology Modifier Rheology Modifier
POLVO WET Powdered Wetting Agent Wetting agent
POLVO Vis SF Powdered Viscosifier for flat rheology and clay free mud Viscosifier
POLVO TROL Powdered Fluid loss additive Fluid Loss control